why next?

Break down the restrictions that are imposed by conventional conveyance technology solutions and become as flexible as you have ever wanted to be with modules from next intralogistics.

We offer you the option of renting, leasing or buying individual modules or entire solutions for your intralogistics. With short delivery times, incredibly easy assembly and commissioning, as well as automated processes, you save a great deal of time and spare personnel with the revolutionary FlexConveyor technology (developed together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). With the immense combination possibilities of the modules, you are free of limitations in the system design, even with small spaces.


...with next intralogistics!

Put your desired products or sets together individually and have the modules delivered and assembled for the desired time frame. We also take care of disassembly and return shipping.

Only use conveyance technology when you need it, for as long as you need it.

We not only offer you the option of renting, we also make you a unique rental promise. With it, we guarantee you the maximum in flexibility and security in the rental process, from the incredibly simple ordering process and prompt assembly, the machinery insurance included and many further services, right to the no-fuss collection.

You can view our complete rental promise at: www.next-intralogistics.de

Temporary intralogistics solutions - with next intralogistics, simply rent the right system for a limited time!
Why rent?


...with next intralogistics!

Put your desired products or sets together individually and have the modules delivered and assembled after concluding a lease agreement.

Leading-edge conveyance technology, perfectly calculated.

What is common practice in the majority of areas of economical company management is now finally also possible in conveyance systems. With next intralogistics, lease your components and decide at the end of the lease agreement, whether you wish to retain the system or have it replaced with a new one.

Improve processes - optimise cash flow. Simply lease intralogistics.
Why lease?


...with next intralogistics!

Put your desired products or sets together individually and configure them precisely according to requirement. Request assembly and commissioning at the same time.

You know what you want, and that is flexible conveyance technology with the features that next intralogistics can offer you.

You are seeking leading-edge conveyance technology that will satisfy the demands of the future, and you want to individually configure your system and have it aligned with your requirements. Then we offer you the option of realising this with modules from next intralogistics, and buying the results at optimum prices.

Reach the next level of your logistics - with a system from next intralogistics
Why buy?

next intralogistics offers conveyance technology for flexible use - for as long as you need it

Quickly expand your conveyor system to the size that you need, for as long as you need it. Do not be restricted by inflexible solutions; instead remain as flexible as your business with intelligent conveyance system modules.

Drei Schritte zur Foerderanlage

Absorb your capacity spikes or react quickly to changing market situations. Align your infrastructure with your growth or simply remain more flexible than the competition. With our system range, for the first time in the industry you can obtain a professional solution for the construction of new - or the subsequent expansion of existing - systems without major investment. This reduces your operating costs in comparison to conventional, complex solutions with a simultaneous improvement in ergonomics and operability.