About us

Who are we

next intralogistics GmbH, founded in 2017, is a company from Sinsheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg that has specialised in the sales, renting and leasing of flexible, scalable conveyor systems that are ready for Industry 4.0. next intralogistics is among the first companies on the market to offer a rental model available for intralogistics systems. next intralogistics also offers conveyor technology components for machine manufacturers and system integrators in the partner sales area.

What we do

Rent. Lease. Purchasing of conveyor technology modules and systems, e.g. for commissioning, packaging or sorting, and it all takes place swiftly and problem-free. It is hardly imaginable, but with the next intralogistics concept, it is now the reality.

We have two business areas with next:

Direct Sales

Are you looking for an intralogistics system for your company and in search of a flexible, scalable conveyor system that is ready for Industry 4.0? You have come to the right place with us.

The business model of next intralogistics is made possible with the unique FlexConveyor technology - a modular conveyor technology with intelligent, decentralised control based on the plug and play principle. Time-intensive and cost-intensive planning and commissioning of conventional technology with PLCs requiring elaborate installation and programming work are eliminated. The systems are ready for use within one or two days, depending on the size. Use of automatic conveyor technology is made more flexible, scalable and implemented more quickly.

Partner Sales

Do you want to use our modules in your systems or in combination with your machines? Our modules are ideally suited for use with PLCs. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of standard control modules / bus systems in order to guarantee you the best possible project process. next does not even offer any systems with PLCs to end customers.

Our target group

The business world is changing faster than ever with digitalisation. Many companies grow very dynamically or only work with their customers for a very limited time. This development necessitates flexible intralogistics - especially in a time during which customers considered swift delivery to be a matter of course.

Whether E-commerce, logistics service providers, shipping or production, - highly dynamic markets need appropriately variable intralogistics. Fluctuations in workloads, strong growth and varying return rates in E-commerce demand modifiable solutions.

What we promise

With the new rental and leasing concept, short-term capacity expansions are possible without major investment within just a few days and weeks. Depending on the size of the system, it is ready for operation within one to two days due to the simple plug & play technology. This make the automation of company intralogistics simpler and more economical. The systems can also be modified or supplemented at any time with further conveyance technology modules, so that it is possible to react to fluctuating utilisation. As such, the conveyor system grows gradually with the company. In this way, the intralogistics can be expanded at short notice and without high investments. Furthermore, it is easy to avoid overcapacity with this model. Additional advantages that arise with this concept, in particular in comparison to manual solutions:

  • Lower failure quotes
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower spatial requirements
  • Shorter delivery times
  • No lengthy planning and realisation phases
  • No financial risks
  • Avoidance of high one-off costs
  • Financial planning security